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CEO Message

CEO Message

ADNOC Global Trading’s steadfast focus is on providing an outstanding service to our customers, while also stretching the margin from every barrel of oil that ADNOC produces, refines and trades globally.

ADNOC’s move into trading supports both of these goals and marks a new era for ADNOC.

A modern, agile and progressive energy company, ADNOC’s strategic direction has transformed the way we conduct business with our domestic and international customers.

On behalf of the ADNOC Group, we expand the reach of our products to new customers and markets.

As the reliable supplier of refined products, the establishment of ADNOC Global Trading means we offer more agile solutions and sophisticated delivery options, bringing our quality products closer to our customers.

By leveraging our market expertise we can optimize production flows and successfully manage risk. ADNOC Global Trading increases the commerciality of our decision-making as we apply our deep understanding of the market to optimize our refined product portfolio and stretch the value from every barrel.

Ahmad Bin Thalith
CEO of ADNOC Global Trading