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Helping customers reduce emissions

Global demand for lower-carbon energy solutions is rising as our customers and end-users are looking to diversify their energy mix in their drive to decarbonize. We are accelerating our investments in a broad portfolio of lower-carbon solutions to further reduce both our own and our customers' carbon footprint.

We are working with partners and innovators to support the energy transition while investing in the energy system of tomorrow from production to end-use – which will be key to decarbonizing economies at speed.

Investing in renewables through Masdar


We are a major shareholder in Abu Dhabi’s clean energy powerhouse, Masdar. With our robust infrastructure and extensive expertise, we are enabling Masdar to accelerate the delivery of clean energy projects in both the UAE and around the world. These projects will play a key role in diversifying the global energy mix while enhancing energy security. 

A pioneer in clean energy solutions since 2006, Masdar is driving towards 100 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. Along with Masdar, we are aiming to capture 5% of the global low-carbon hydrogen market by 2030.

Building the global hydrogen supply chain


To meet rising demand and enable our customers’ decarbonization journeys, we’re partnering with governments, technology providers and industry to create clean and low-carbon hydrogen supply chains.

In addition to our support of Masdar, we are:

  • Piloting the region’s first high-speed green hydrogen refueling station at Masdar City to gather data for future mobility projects.
  • Working with John Cockerill Hydrogen and Strata to manufacture UAE-made electrolyzers.
  • Sending demonstration cargoes of low-carbon ammonia to customers, including in Japan, South Korea and Germany.