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What We Do

Our concession area spans 12,000 km2, and we operate 11 oil and gas fields across four assets

What We Do

Our concession area spans 12,000 km2, and we operate 11 oil and gas fields across four assets: Bab, North East Bab (NEB), Bu Hasa, and South East (SE). We also operate two export terminals in Jebel Dhanna and Fujairah, as well as a vast pipeline network through which oil is transported from the oil fields.  

These terminals supply Murban crude to ADNOC’s international customer base, and increasingly to Asian markets. As a high-quality crude, highly sought after for refining purposes, Murban plays a significant role in creating a more valuable downstream business for ADNOC and meeting its growing customer demand.  
We also continuously focus on harnessing digital innovation. 

In 2006, the NEB asset was the first to introduce the smart field concept to improve surveillance, predictive analysis, and collaborative decision-making by enabling the remote monitoring and control of wells. The move resulted in a 75% reduction in work process times. The drive to further automate processes to improve efficiency has since continued, and in 2017 we achieved fully unmanned operations in the Mender oil field, which was the first field in ADNOC Onshore to do so.

We are proud to play an important role in creating opportunities for UAE Nationals and delivering value for our nation. Since our operations began, we have supported a stable economy and industry diversification, as a multitude of local businesses has increased around us. In 2020, we boosted ADNOC’s In-Country Value (ICV) program, culminating in an average ICV of 60%. 

Our organization comprises around 7, 500 personnel, of which more than 60% are UAE nationals and 16% are women. Gender balance is a key focus area in line with the ADNOC 2030 Sustainability Agenda, and the Rumaitha oil field is managed by an all-female team, making it the first of its kind in the UAE.