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Maximum Energy. Minimum Emissions

Maximum Energy. Minimum Emissions

We are making today’s energy cleaner, while investing in the clean energies of tomorrow.

With sustainability at its core, our lower carbon solutions are delivering maximum energy, with minimum emissions as we help progress a responsible and realistic energy transition and accelerate our Net Zero by 2045 ambition.

Advancing Towards Net Zero

We are embarking on a journey to achieve net zero operational emissions by 2045, with a strategy anchored by four key pillars:

We are committed to reducing our carbon intensity by 25% by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2045 through actions including energy efficiency, the deployment of carbon capture, CO2 removal and storage technology and the electrification of our operations.    
We are growing new market opportunities and investing in new energy solutions and lower-carbon technologies, including renewables, hydrogen, and low-carbon ammonia to support our customers toward their net zero emissions ambitions.    
We are leveraging our track record of global cross-industry and cross-border partnerships, operational capabilities and technology applications to develop and commercialize the technical solutions required for an inclusive energy transition. 
We are working with local and global partners to create a sustainable future for biodiversity and apply nature-based solutions to minimize the adverse impacts of climate change.