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We will continue to create long-term value for our stakeholders by delivering energy with progressively lower emissions. We will do this through an integrated strategy, at the core of which is our focus on reducing our carbon intensity by 25% by 2030 as an interim goal towards our net zero ambition.

We are making significant progress towards our emissions reduction goals across our key decarbonization levers: energy efficiency, flaring reduction, methane management, CCS and electrification. We will continue to mature our abatement projects to ensure tangible and measurable progress, integration into our business plan and the strategic allocation of capital expenditure.

We maintain one of the lowest carbon intensities for oil and gas production globally. This is driven by decades of investing in operational excellence, energy efficiency and flaring reduction.

In 2022 we implemented over 40 projects, in addition to our grid-imported power, that collectively resulted in an emissions reduction of 5.4 million tCO2e across our operations.