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CEO Message

CEO Message

ADNOC Refining forms the foundation of ADNOC's downstream business. Our refinery in Ruwais is among the largest and most sophisticated on earth. It works like a beating heart; operating day and night to convert our country’s crude oil into the essential products that energize economic activity at home and abroad. Meanwhile, our pipeline network serves as the arteries of Abu Dhabi, collectively stretching a thousand miles to supply fuel to the emirate's critical infrastructure.

While firmly rooted in Abu Dhabi’s energy landscape, our perspective and reach is global. Since 2019, we've been operating as a joint venture in partnership with the European energy giants Eni and OMV. Some of the brightest minds from both now work hand-in-glove with us to utilize the full potential of our world-class assets. Our combined scale, expertise, and location allow us to rapidly meet customer needs across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.  

Amid momentous shifts in our industry, ADNOC Refining is preparing for the energy landscape of tomorrow.  With a firm focus on resilience and smart disruption, we’re future proofing our business.  Scientists at our dedicated research and development center are working around the clock; experimenting with catalysts, machine learning systems, and other innovations to ensure that we remain at the pioneering edge of our industry. Major investment has also been made into our Crude Flexibility Project, which will significantly enhance our refining capabilities once it is active in 2022. Efficiency and sustainability are other priorities; we’re installing technology to recycle heat from turbines at our power plant to produce 230 megawatts (MW) of additional power and over sixty-thousand cubic meters of water every day. 

 As part of ADNOC's broader 2030 strategy, we continue to foster the development of Ruwais at home and strengthen ADNOC's performance abroad. Yet, while we look to the future with global ambitions, we remain forever respectful of our local roots. We recognize that being responsible custodians of the country's energy resources means more than just making money; our worth is also valued by the impact we have on the lives of our fellow citizens. With this in mind, we seek to hire talented UAE Nationals and develop those with promise into the leaders of tomorrow. 

Mr. Abdulla Ateya Al Messabi 

CEO, ADNOC Refining