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Adapting to Remote Work

As part of our ongoing COVID-19 health and safety measures, many of our non-operational employees are now working remotely. The transition to virtual teams can be challenging at times, and we encourage employees to consider the best practice tools outlined below to help improve the remote work experience.



  • Create a strict morning routine: Prepare for the day as if you were in the office with colleagues. Get up on time, get ready, and dress appropriately.
  • Create a dedicated ‘office’ space: Separate your working space from where you usually relax in your home. Find a dedicated table and chair so that you can focus on work, while also being able to leave it behind during your short breaks and evenings.
  • Maintain regular hours: Once you’ve discussed with your line manager and team members, adhere to a strict working routine that mirrors your normal working situation. Make sure that your line manager has clearly defined your roles and responsibilities.
  • Fight the isolation: Working full-time and remotely can be isolating. In these times, take advantage of picking up the phone and giving your colleague a call rather than sending an email. Catch up with your team members and take the time to ask how they are doing.
  • Schedule your breaks: Make sure that you continue to schedule your lunch breaks or short coffee breaks as if you’re at work. Notify your line manager and team members when you take your breaks.
  • Set ground rules: For those who share the home with families, set ground rules that work for both parties. Ensure that your family members are aware that you’re working from home for a set period to manage expectations.
  • Over-communicate: Be transparent with your line manager and team members about your schedule, especially for those whose children are now home due to school closure. Once you've completed a project, inform your colleagues.
  • Stay positive and be kind: Stay positive by embracing a new perspective of working together remotely. Appreciate your colleagues and encourage those who are struggling to adjust to working remotely. Stay calm, be kind and respectful towards one another. Know that we are here for each other as we navigate this critical period.

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May 20, 2020

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