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What We Do

What We Do

We are responsible for driving efficient exploration and development of two major concession areas: an offshore concession and a mixed onshore and shallow water concession. 

The offshore concession area covers oil fields at Bu Haseer, Belbazem Block (that consists of Belbazem, Umm Al Salsal, and Umm Al Dholou oil fields), and Arzanah. The mixed onshore-shallow water concession area is situated in the south-west of Abu Dhabi and includes Land Zone (such as Nahaidiin, Bin Hadi, and Gezira oil fields) and Water Zone (such as Muhaymat and Sila fields).

We have already succeeded in producing oil from an offshore field in record time. Our first production at Bu Haseer was in March 2018 with an Early Production Scheme (EPS) of 8,000 barrels of oil per day (8 mbpd), targeting full-field production of 15,000 barrels of oil per day (15 mbpd). We took less than three years from concept to first oil as we opted for a lean operating model and smart development strategy. 

We have embarked on a digital journey, by applying cutting edge technology for efficient Marginal Field development. We are currently entering into the first phase through the use of digital twin technology, virtual geo-fencing, virtual metering, and the building of an Intelligence and Wisdom Center (IWC) to deliver on our vision of using full unmanned oil fields. We have also optimized costs by implementing the first application of Controlled Release Smart Tracer Technology for inflow monitoring on offshore oil fields.

As a key enabler of ADNOC’s In-Country Value (ICV) Program, we are nurturing new local and international partnerships by creating job opportunities for UAE nationals in the field of technological innovation throughout our offshore operations. The Bu Haseer project has been delivered with a high ICV of 56%, further accelerating the UAE’s socio-economic development. We also place a strong emphasis on developing female leadership in both technical and non-technical roles, in line with ADNOC’s commitment to gender diversity.