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What We Do

We manage several oil and gas assets

What We Do

We manage nine fields including Upper Zakum, Lower Zakum, Umm Shaif, Satah, Nasr, Umm Al Dalkh, Sarb, Umm Lulu and Abu Al Bukhoosh. Our operations also extend to our terminals at Das Island and Zirku Island where we process, store, and export crude oil. 

Our newest super complexes at Nasr and Umm Lulu are digital smart fields that use the latest technology and industry best practice to enhance the safety, efficiency and profitability of our operations. The technology we are deploying from data integration to artificial intelligence to autonomous robots are optimizing our operations and enhancing our position as one of the industry’s lowest-cost and lowest-carbon intensity energy producers.  

In 2022, we drilled the world’s longest well from one of our artificial islands, Umm Al Anbar. Stretching 50,000 feet, the well is part of an extended reach drilling project that has allowed us to unlock new areas of the giant Zakum reservoir without the need to expand or build new infrastructure. By using horizontal drilling techniques we are maximizing value and minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations.  

We are committed to creating business and investment opportunities in the UAE in line with ADNOC’s In-Country Value program, which are helping to strengthen and diversify the UAE economy.