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  • If not already registered, suppliers should register with the ADNOC Commercial Directory in order to be considered for tendering opportunities from across the Group.


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For support related to Supplier Registration and Prequalification and other procurement queries please contact ADNOC Suppliers Support.

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Make It in the Emirates

ADNOC has identified AED70 billion worth of products with local manufacturing potential and invites the private sector to seize opportunity. Here you will find the product categories related to Make it in the Emirates campaign.

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Procurement Services

We are committed to developing and maintaining a competitive and sustainable chain of partners and service providers.

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In-Country Value

Our In-Country Value program is a procurement-led initiative which is designed to achieve optimal value from our nation’s oil and gas resources.

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Engineering Standards Specifications

ADNOC is working on the standardization of engineering standards and specifications across ADNOC Group Companies with the objective of decreasing the variability of the products procured by ADNOC.

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Supplier and Partner Code of Ethics

The ADNOC Group Supplier Code of Business Ethics outlines the minimum standards of compliance and ethical practices that we expect from each of our partners and suppliers.

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Fake Business Propositions

Sometimes the identity of ADNOC or one of its subsidiaries is used fraudulently in business proposals. The fraudster poses as a representative of ADNOC and/or one of its subsidiaries (ADNOC Group). They pretend that they are offering an opportunity to contract with an ADNOC Group company to provide goods or services; or that there is an investment opportunity. Often (not always) the fraud involves...

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Suppliers FAQs

View the Frequently Asked Questions for Suppliers

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