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2030 Sustainability Strategy

As a responsible energy provider, we are committed to creating long-term value for our people, business and society.

We have a long legacy as a responsible provider of energy to the world and a key catalyst for the UAE’s economic growth and diversification. In this, we follow the vision established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s Founding Father, to balance economic development with environmental responsibility.

methane target by 2030
mangroves to be planted by 2030
female representation in
technical positions by 2030
Our 2030 Sustainability Strategy
Across our operations we aim to reach Net Zero by 2045 – and our 2030 Sustainability Strategy is a key roadmap to achieving this goal. We are continuously implementing sustainable practices to maintain our leading role in the energy transition and, safeguard the communities and environments in which we operate.
Climate Change and Energy Transition
  • Advance towards our Net Zero by 2045 ambition
  • Achieve near zero methane by 2030
  • Reduce greenhouse gas intensity by 25% by 2030
  • Boost carbon capture capacity to 10 million tonnes per year by 2030
  • Grow our hydrogen and renewables business through our shareholding in Masdar
  • Minimize environmental impact through sustainable biodiversity, water, and waste management 
  • Keep freshwater consumption below 0.5% of total water use
  • Plant 10 million mangroves by 2030
Economic and Social Contribution
  • Maintain an In-Country Value (ICV) score of more than 50% across our value chain
  • Continue to enable foreign direct investment and industrial diversification for the UAE
  • Foster a knowledge-based workforce for the UAE
Workforce Diversity and Development
  • Continue growing female representation on company boards, with 90% of ADNOC Group boards currently comprising at least one female
  • Double female representation in technical positions to 25% by 2030
  • Become a regional leader in diversity and employee development
Health, Safety and Security
  • Deliver world-class HSE and asset integrity performance
  • Be the global benchmark for safety and security with 100% HSE
Business Sustainability
  • Ensure fair, transparent, and risk-conscious business operations and governance
  • Integrate risk management across all operations and business planning