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Energy for our Nation

Together, we bring energy to life

Energy for our Nation

For generations, we have made a positive and lasting contribution to the growth and the development of our nation. We began as an upstream onshore and offshore operation in oil and gas and quickly expanded into a group of companies that is generating energy for life. We now operate downstream, unlock new gas resources, and are equipped with strong marketing, supply and trading capabilities, ultimately creating new economic opportunities for the UAE and its people.

Our journey began in 1935 when the first geological survey took place. In 1937, our Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, led an expedition of 16 tribesmen to the south-west of Abu Dhabi, where his vision for the development of the UAE’s oil and gas resources was born. He steered us in the right path, foreseeing abundant possibilities that lay ahead of us if we harness the rich hydrocarbon resources effectively.

In 1939, the signing of the first concession took place. After an extensive search that took several decades, oil was discovered in the United Arab Emirates in 1958, at the Murban Bab oil field. The first oil discovery was a defining moment that started the impressive transformation of the city, our nation, and its economy.

In late 1963, the first tanker of Abu Dhabi crude departed from the Jebel Dhanna port. As more oil fields were discovered and revenues from oil production started to grow, we came into being in 1971 as the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company - ADNOC - under the mandate of Sheikh Zayed.

Together, we shoulder the responsibility that has been entrusted to us by the UAE’s wise leadership to maximize the value of our nation’s energy resources. Our work continues to enable our country and our people to realize their potential, while acting as a catalyst for the growth and diversification of the economy of the nation. We are proud that we have had a hand in driving our nation forward, proactively exploring new ways to enhance and expand our operations, and create a better life for everyone who calls the UAE home.

Together, we bring energy to life.