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About Our Products

Supplying Energy to the World

Our Products Overview

We adopt a proactive and adaptive marketing model and are developing new trading capabilities to better meet the growing demand for oil, gas and refined products around the world.

Not only are we one of the world’s top energy producers, but we are also a reliable supplier of quality oil and petroleum products to local and international customers. Today, our oil, gas, refined products, and petrochemicals are sold on six continents, positively impacting economies and industries throughout the world, and establishing Abu Dhabi as a global energy hub.

As a customer and market-centric company focused on growing its shipping, storage, and trading capabilities, we aim to respond quickly to changing market dynamics while enhancing existing relationships and fostering new ones.

Our customers rely on us as we produce crude oil, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil, base oils, and fuel oil, along with specialty products such as carbon black and calcined coke. In addition to processing and producing LNG, LPG, paraffinic naphtha, and sulfur for export, we also supply more than 3 billion standard cubic feet of gas to the UAE’s national energy grid and industrial partners.