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GASCO wins the ADIPEC Best Oil and Gas Innovation or Technology Award


GASCO firmly believes in the importance of knowledge sharing and innovation, and it cares about the safety of people, the community and the environment. The company therefore is keen to participate in world renowned events, like ADIPEC, through speaking engagements and technical papers, and ADIPEC 2016 was no exception.

In addition to presenting 27 papers and chairing two technical conferences, GASCO won the ADIPEC Award for the “Best Oil and Gas Innovation or Technology Award” category.

Winning such a prestigious award is a testimony to GASCO’s commitment towards reducing its carbon footprint and being a good neighbor. The winning entry “GASCO Habshan-5 SRU incinerator fuel gas optimization” was initiated by GASCO after observing that the incinerator temperature and stack excess oxygen of the Sulphur Recovery Unity (SRU) could be optimized to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. By introducing innovative modifications to optimize performance, the incinerator temperature was gradually reduced resulting in substantial fuel gas savings and CO2 reduction.

The Best Oil and Gas Innovation or Technology Award is one of nine ADIPEC Award categories that emphasizes innovation and recognizes individuals, companies, and projects that demonstrated ethical oversight, sustainability, and benefit to the community, setting benchmarks for best practice in the region and worldwide.

The winning entries are shortlisted by a Regional Select Jury (RSJ), a panel of experts from the region’s leading energy companies, academic institutions, and professional associations.

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November 01, 2016