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ADNOC Celebrates the UAE’s 47th National Day with Launch of #47YearsTogether Campaign


Abu Dhabi, UAE – November 27, 2018: The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has marked the UAE’s 47th National Day with the launch of the company’s community campaign – titled Remembering 47 Wonderful Years Together – a social media-focused storytelling program designed to evoke cherished memories of life in the UAE. 

The campaign was kicked off with the official launch of ADNOC’s special National Day 47 tribute video – called ‘Memories’ – internally unveiled at ADNOC’s Headquarters for ADNOC employees. The video has been described as a powerful, historical and endearing visual pastiche of life in Abu Dhabi and the broader UAE. Following its internal launch today, the video is being broadcasted online across video platforms, as well as in movie theaters across the UAE, helping to not only raise awareness for the campaign, but also to remind UAE residents and visitors of what makes life in the seven emirates so unique.

To participate in ADNOC’s #47YearsTogether campaign, individuals are encouraged to: (1) follow @ADNOCGroup on Instagram and Twitter; (2) post his / her favorite UAE-related photo or video using #47YearsTogether and #ADNOCRemembers; and (3) add a title, location and (if possible) the date/year to the caption. 

At the conclusion of the #47YearsTogether campaign, on December 6, ADNOC will promote (upon approval) a selection of individuals’ nostalgic memories of life in the UAE by displaying users’ posts on ADNOC’s own social media channels for tens of thousands of fans.


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November 27, 2018