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Health, Safety & Environment Fundamental to ADNOC’s Competitive Edge, says CEO at Awards Night


Abu Dhabi, UAE – 19 May, 2016: UAE Minister of State and ADNOC CEO H.E. Dr Sultan Al-Jaber reaffirmed, last night, the company’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environmental protection, describing the company’s industry leading HSE practices as fundamental to maintaining ADNOC’s competitive edge.

Dr Al-Jaber was speaking at ADNOC’s 19th annual HSE Awards, to honour employees from across the Group, partners and contractors who have made outstanding contributions and demonstrated innovative thinking in safeguarding the company’s employees and operations.

Dr Al-Jaber said ADNOC has always been at the industry forefront of HSE. He stressed the vital role HSE will play in ADNOC’s strategy, saying it provides the foundation for ADNOC’s four key strategic pillars - Efficiency, Profitability, Performance and People.

“We have embarked on a journey to build on the ADNOC Group’s proud legacy of success. As we implement our strategy, one thing will always remain true. Our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environmental protection.” 

“By keeping an uncompromising focus on health, safety and the environment, we will, by definition, be more efficient and more profitable. And by safeguarding our most precious resource - our people - we are also ensuring that our companies perform better.”

Dr Al Jaber awarded the winners of the ADNOC HSE Awards for 2015, taken from a total of 240 submissions from Group-wide participants and their contractors. The categories are: Innovation, Safety, Occupational Health, Environment, Sustainability, Contractor Partnerships, Special Recognition, Corporate Performance & Leadership, HSE Performance, and HSE Champion of the Year.

Ateeq Belal Al Qemzi, Senior Vice President of ADCO was named HSE Champion of the Year for 2015, for his dedication and commitment towards HSE affairs. 

Al-Qemzi is an ADNOC legend, having had a remarkable career stretching back more than 50 years to the very early days of oil exploration in Abu Dhabi. Known by his colleagues as ‘father to all’, he is considered one of the leading technical experts on the operations of onshore oil fields in the region. 

Since its inception in 1997, the HSE Awards programme has honoured the achievements of ADNOC Group staff and contractors and has helped promote HSE amongst all employees by recognising a high performance HSE culture with distinctive core capabilities and best-in-class standards and systems.  


Projects Group Awards

Innovation: for projects or initiatives that apply creative thinking to a specific HSE issue in an original and innovative way.

First place: ZADCO for their project ‘Chemical Blend Breakers: An Innovative, Safe and Environmental Product Saves Costs.

Second place: ADNOC Distribution for ADNOC Intelligent Service Stations initiative.

Safety: for the development of processes and methods that achieve the best possible management of hazard and risks to ensure employee safety, plant integrity and raise overall safety standards.

First place: BOROUGE for ‘My Idea!’ – Employee Safety Improvement Suggestion Scheme.

Second place: NDC for their project ‘Safer Jack up Preloading Eliminates Punch through Risks: Protecting Lives, Assets and Environment’.

Occupational Health: Projects, policies or initiatives that demonstrate improvements or advancements in either occupational health or workplace wellness.

First place: ADGAS for their project ‘Hazard Controlled, Employees Protected’.

Second place: Al Hosn Gas for their project ‘Quantitative Health Risk.1.

Environment: Projects or initiatives that result in a reduction in the impact of operations on the environment, preserve or enhance biodiversity, conserve resources or reduce waste.

First place: TAKREER for their project ‘No Chemical Pollution is the Solution.

Second place: ADMA-OPCO for their project ‘Small Step Change in 'PROCESS', Big Gains in Emission Reduction’.

Sustainability: Projects or initiatives that would assist in the development of ADNOC long term sustainable development plans and create environmental, social or economic benefits.

First place: ADNATCO & NGSCO for their project ‘ASSURE (Advanced Systematic Sustainability Reporting)’.

Second place: GASCO for their project ‘Paradigm Shift – Sustainable Waste Management’.

HSE Performance Award, for ADNOC Companies for their strong visionary leadership, Effective management strategies, and Flexible & adaptable behaviors & responsive attitudes.

First place: ADNATCO& NGSCO, in recognition of their efforts in upholding ADNOC’s HSE standards and international best practice. 

HSE Champion of the Year: Mr. Ateeq Belal Al Qemzi, SVP (Terminals, pipeline and Oil/Gas Movements Operations) of ADCO, for his visible dedication and commitment towards HSE affairs. 

Special Recognition Awards, for companies who scored within the top five in their category: ADNOC Medical Services Division for their project ‘A Major Evolution in Mobile Decontamination Unit. ADCO for their project ‘Enhancement of Process Safety Culture in ADCO’. TOTAL-ABK for their project ‘Simulations for Timely and Optimized Response to Oil Spills’

Group Company & Contractor Partnership Awards, for the top two contractors and their respective Group Company for an outstanding partnership in HSE implementation: ADMA-OPCO in partnership with A.HAK INDUSTRIAL SERVICES for their project ‘Inspect the Uninspectable’. ESNAAD in partnership with TWMA for their project ‘Innovative Technology for the Recovery and Reuse of Drilling Fluid Base Oils.


Since its inception in 1997, the HSE Award programme has honoured the achievements of ADNOC Group staff and contractors and has helped promote HSE amongst all employees.

Pursuing and sustaining excellence in HSE performance requires continuous improvement and unremitting focus. Leaders at every level of our organisation must continue to demonstrate their commitment towards establishing a high performance HSE culture with distinctive core capabilities and best-in-class standards and systems.  

Recognising and appreciating our Group-wide efforts towards operational excellence is an important component of reinforcing ADNOC’s commitment towards sustainable business practices. The ADNOC HSE Award programme was therefore established to recognise and reward outstanding achievements, projects and initiatives in HSE areas to promote knowledge sharing pertaining to best practice, and foster an atmosphere of friendly competition amongst the ADNOC Group Companies and their Independent Operators in their quest for sustainable development.

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May 20, 2016