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ADNOC makes strong presence in ISNR 2016


During his visit, Sheikh Saif got acquainted with the equipment and devices used by ADNOC to respond to emergencies at the petroleum facilities besides the modern technology used by ADNOC to protect its information systems  against cyber security threats and attacks.

ADNOC is making strong presence in the seventh edition of “ISNR 2016” organized by the Ministry of Interior during March 15-17 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

ADNOC participation in this important event comes in line with its strategy which aims to achieve an exemplary performance in all issues in connection with safety and security.  These specialized events will avail good opportunity for ADNOC to source innovative technologies and learn the latest strategies to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from a world of hazards, ADNOC said.

H.E Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO of ADNOC stressed the growing importance of ISNR  as a dedicated platform which brings together  governmental  corporations  and private companies describing the event as  and an international expo  which attracts suppliers of security, safety and occupational health equipment, and a global forum for  experts and professionals, as well as legislators and practitioners of safety and  occupational health, all under one roof in order to ensure the highest level of safety  and security  of individuals and properties. AL Jaber praised the unique position which the emirate of Abu Dhabi now occupies, as a global platform for discussing all issues which attract the international attention.

He affirmed ADNOC’s keenness to achieve the highest levels of security and safety through adoption of initiatives, application of the latest technology and exchange of best practices in order to reduce potential risks and improve the safety of individuals. ADNOC is continuously working on developing safety requirements and improving its emergency response capabilities.

ISNR is the Middle East's leading event specializing in homeland security and national resilience, the 7th edition of ISNR features four specialized exhibitions which will provide access to the latest trends and technologies displayed by local and international companies in fields of security, safety, resilience, protection of critical facilities and installations, information security, firefighting and emergency response, and occupational safety and health under one roof. 

ADNOC stand in ISNR 2016 will showcase the equipment and devices used by ADNOC to respond to the emergency incidents and the equipment and capabilities available at ADNOC sites and facilities to provide support during crisis and emergencies 

ADNOC’s stand will also introduce to the visitors plans and policies adopted by ADNOC to ensure the safety of individuals, operations and assets in addition to ADNOC’s code of professional practices, standards and guidelines that govern and regulate the performance in the field of safety, and security besides the human resources development programs designed to prepare a well-trained and well experienced manpower in the field of safety of individuals and security of facilities.

ADNOC stand will also display the latest technology and modern software used by ADNOC to combat cyber-crime and protects information systems against hackers. 

Members of ADNOC’s crisis management team who will be available at the Stand will review the experience and knowledge gained by the team from their previous participation in emergency response teams which dealt with a number of crisis and emergency incidents in the oil and gas sector inside UAE and abroad.

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March 17, 2016