ADNOC Group Supplier Code of Business Ethics

The ADNOC Group Supplier Code of Business Ethics outlines the minimum standards of compliance and ethical practices that we expect from each of our partners and suppliers.

All ADNOC Group suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, behave ethically, and align themselves with the principles set out in this Code. ADNOC Group suppliers are also responsible for ensuring that their employees and subcontractors are familiar with and comply with the Code.

The Code is not a summary of all the laws, standards and policies that we expect our suppliers to follow. The Code does not dilute a Supplier’s legal obligations, and it does not override the terms of any agreement we have contractually agreed.  If there is any conflict between the terms of an agreement we have with a Supplier and this Code, that agreement will prevail.

Always refer to ADNOC.AE to ensure that your business complies with the latest version of the Code, which we will update periodically.