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Role of Natural Gas

Role of Natural Gas

Gas and gas-derived products are a growth market for ADNOC, a driver of industrial diversification for the UAE, and enabled by abundant gas reserves and increasing global demand. 

As the world transitions to a low-carbon energy system, natural gas is playing an important role as a bridging fuel. Gas burns with less carbon emissions than other fossil fuels. Alongside ADNOC’s low carbon intensity production, gas can displace other fuels to reduce emissions. It also enables the wider use of renewable energy sources by mitigating reliability challenges.

Natural gas investments today are helping develop an emerging clean hydrogen ecosystem to support deeper decarbonization in the future. When combined with carbon capture, natural gas can be used to produce clean hydrogen. Furthermore, natural gas infrastructure and facilities like pipelines and boilers, can transport or even run on, clean hydrogen. 

As gas plays an increasing role in achieving net-zero, at ADNOC we are investing and innovating to unlock more gas resources. Ensuring UAE gas self-sufficiency and expanding our export capacity to support the global energy transition.