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Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

We are leveraging our existing infrastructure and commercial-scale CCUS capabilities to enable the UAE a major role in the emerging hydrogen market.

The successful completion of ADNOC’s Al-Reyadah CCUS facility in 2016marked an important milestone in our journey to meet our commitments to emissions reduction and supporting the UAE’s efforts towards decarbonizing the nation’s economy. Al -Reyadah is the region’s first commercial-scale CCUS facility, with an 800,000 tonnes per year of CO2 capture capacity.  Al -Reyadah processes the CO2 captured from Emirates Steel Industries, which is then injected into our onshore oilfields to safely store the CO2 while enhancing oil recovery.

Scaling-up CCUS across our value chain

We have plans to expand our CO2 utilization capabilities to increase our CO2 capture capacity by over 500%, to approximately 5 million tonnes per year by 2030. This will be achieved by capturing additional CO2 from our gas processing plants and other sources of CO2 emissions.

Accelerating the pace of deployment of low-cost CCUS will play a key role in our decarbonization efforts. Leveraging our success in Al -Reyadah, and in collaboration with industry partners, academia, and research institutes, we are exploring opportunities to advance CCUS technology development and deployment, while driving down its costs. We continue to explore cost-effective and energy efficient technologies and pathways for utilizing CO2 solutions to manufacture value-added products.

Beyond the reduction of our own operational carbon footprint, our CCUS solutions will have broader impact by strengthening CCUS infrastructure in the UAE and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable energy future.