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Our Strategic Pillars

Our Strategic Pillars

ADNOC continues to responsibly supply the world's energy needs, creating value for the UAE and the world as one of the most carbon efficient oil and gas producers.

When the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) was founded by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan exactly half a century ago, we had a clear mission: to harness our energy resources in the service of the nation. 

As one of the world’s leading energy companies, we have more than delivered on our mission by providing great value not only for the UAE, but also for the world’s economies, ensuring they can grow and thrive. Today, we are focused on this dual objective -- delivering value for the UAE, while creating value for the world. In a world that is in the process of a great energy transition, more energy is needed with fewer emissions, and we fulfil that need as one of the lowest carbon energy producers. 
As the world embarks on the energy transition and addresses the challenges of climate change, it is important that we harness our resources as responsibly as possible. 

Looking ahead, our overall ambition is to create value for the UAE and the world as the most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer. 

This ambition is underpinned by our 2030 Strategy, which is focused on maximizing value from our resources, and supported by our key strategic pillars focused on PEOPLE, PROFITABILITY and SUSTAINABILTY.


In the half century since it was founded by Sheikh Zayed, ADNOC has stayed true to its mission to invest in people – its workforce and the people of Abu Dhabi.

We consider people to be our most important asset. Today, our family of nearly 50,000 employees share a collective responsibility to enable progress and prosperity, both in the UAE and across the world. We are proud of our diverse and exceptional talent pool at ADNOC, a reflection of the strength and growth of our business over the past 50 years and a testament to how we are a workplace of choice. 

Looking ahead to the future, we are committed to further investing in our people to enable every individual to realize their full potential, while ensuring a safe and rewarding workplace where their contributions are recognized, and high value is placed on their well-being.


ADNOC has transformed as a performance-driven organization focused on driving operational efficiencies, a lower cost per barrel and value creation across the ADNOC Group. Our business transformation efforts have enabled us to adapt, navigate global challenges and remain resilient. 

From the adoption of AI and other breakthrough technologies, to the formation of global strategic partnerships and landmark financial deals, we have unlocked tremendous business value and strengthened our performance. 

Post-transformation, we are continuing to build on this competitive position with a relentless drive towards efficiency and operational excellence. This allows us to deliver more value to Abu Dhabi and the UAE, and our shareholders, partners and customers, while enhancing our leading position in the market as one of the lowest cost producers in the industry.


Sustainability has been an integral part of ADNOC’s identity since it was founded, and we have stayed true to the vision of Sheikh Zayed, our UAE founding father. 

This means we integrate best-in-class HSE standards across our operations to ensure the health of our people, business and environment. We are also constantly giving back to communities, supporting sustainable economic development, protecting the natural environment, and building a better tomorrow through long-term projects that enhance the quality of life and protect the precious ecosystems of the Emirates.

We continue to build on our legacy as a responsible low-carbon energy producer, with substantial investments in carbon-mitigation initiatives – including a state-of-the-art carbon capture and storage facility that has the capacity to remove 800,000 tonnes of CO2 every year – to reduce greenhouse gases and tackle climate solutions. We have also embarked on mangrove planting initiatives and are developing hydrogen as a commercial fuel, which we believe will be a game changer in the energy transition.

By taking greater strides every day to safeguard our long-term sustainable growth, protect the environment and contribute to our community, we are ensuring we create lasting and sustainable value for the UAE, and our people, business and society.