Marketing & Distribution

ADNOC is a trusted and reliable global energy provider. Our oil, gas, refined products and petrochemicals are sold on six continents; and positively impact economies and industries throughout the world.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (ADNOC Distribution)

ADNOC Distribution is the UAE’s leading distributor of petroleum products, operating 317 service stations across the United Arab Emirates, supplying aviation fuel to more than 120 regional and international customers, and manufacturing up to 60,000 MT tons of high quality lubricants & grease annually.

Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating Company (IRSHAD)

IRSHAD is a sophisticated marine services provider, which is responsible for the operation and administration of ADNOC’s petroleum ports. The company is responsible for pilotage and loading of crude oil, diving operations and SPM maintenance, ferry terminal operations and transporting offshore oil field employees. IRSHAD operates a fleet of 52 support vessels of different types, sizes and powers to provide quality marine services to the Petroleum Ports of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Petroleum Services Company (ESNAAD)

ESNAAD is an offshore marine support service provider, which operates a Grinding Plant, Blending Plant and Brine Plant at the state-of-the-art Mussafah Offshore Supply Base. The company is responsible for berthing, bunkering and bulk supply, port services and well services, drilling fluids services and specialized production chemicals. ESNAAD operates a fleet of 72 modern technology multi-purpose vessels, some of the vessels chartered from other owners.

Abu Dhabi National Tanker Company (ADNATCO) & National Gas Shipping Company (NGSCO)

ADNATCO & NGSCO is a specialist shipping and marine transportation services provider, which is responsible for transporting ADNOC products around the world. The company operates a fleet of 27 vessels, including 8 LNG Tankers, 1 LEG/LPG Tanker, 7 Bulk carriers, 3 chemical, 6 products tankers and 2 container and Ro-Ro vessels that transport our products around the globe.