Delivering Resources

We provide ADNOC Group with competitive, high quality drilling rigs and a comprehensive portfolio of associated services. 

Our operations are extensive and widespread, and include onshore, offshore and artificial island locations. The technologies we employ allow us to significantly reduce the land surface area required to drill, both on land and offshore. In addition to well-drilling, we provide drilling support services such as rig move, drill strings, equipment rental and multipurpose support barges. Slickline or wireline and electric logging services are also part of our offering.

Technical excellence

At ADNOC Drilling, we are always seeking to adopt innovative new technologies that drive efficiency and enhance performance. We work to integrate new technology across all aspects of our operations, from some of the world’s most advanced drilling rigs to our world class drilling training centre.

Each of our new rigs is equipped with state-of-the-art automation and advanced well control equipment, and our wireline units utilise the latest equipment to ensure that we continue to deliver a high-quality service that adheres to industry best-practice. 

In 2018, ADNOC has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Baker Hughes, a General Electric company, to enable and support the growth and development of ADNOC Drilling, into a fully integrated drilling and well construction business. This partnership will help accelerate ADNOC Drilling’s ongoing growth and development of a broader service offering, including drilling and well completion services and enable greater productivity and efficiency while increasing returns. The company will also capitalize on new business opportunities including the potential to offer integrated drilling services beyond the UAE’s borders.

ADNOC Drilling's operations are underpinned by a stringent focus on health and safety. We are proud that we have achieved  excellent HSE performance when benchmarked against drilling contractors worldwide.