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Mr. Abdulrahman Abdulla Al Seiari

Chief Executive Officer
35 Years of Service

Abdulrahman Abdulla Al Seiari is an oil and gas veteran with more than 35 years of combined operational and leadership experience working for ADNOC companies.

He started his career as a drilling engineer and has followed his passion to the very top of the UAE’s national drilling company, ADNOC Drilling, which is the biggest by size of fleet in the Middle East.

Of the organization he leads, Abdulrahman says, “we deliver top-tier, diversified and integrated drilling services to our clients at a competitive cost, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to health, safety and the environment as well as to operational integrity.”

Renowned as a people person, our CEO is a recognizable and approachable figure to the 7,000 ADNOC Drilling family and likes to interact with the frontline staff at our onshore, offshore and islands operation sites on a regular basis. 

Becoming CEO of ADNOC Drilling in 2020 Abdulrahman has been at the forefront of leading the continued growth of the company while focusing on harnessing advanced technologies, digitalization and automation to drive greater efficiencies and national and regional expansion.