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About Us

About Us

For almost 50 years, ADNOC Drilling has enabled the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to reliably and efficiently unlock the UAE’s oil and gas resources in the service of the UAE and its people.

We operate responsibly on land, at sea and on ADNOC’s unique artificial islands off Abu Dhabi’s coastline, delivering start-to-finish well drilling and construction across both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. 

We have the largest fleet of 96 rigs in the Middle East and a dedicated workforce of 7,000 engineers, specialists and technicians, who, together, contribute to help maintain ADNOC’s status as one of the lowest-cost oil producers in the world.

As the exclusive drilling provider for ADNOC, we are ideally placed to enable and benefit from ADNOC's 2030 5 million barrels a day oil production capacity target as well as its ambition to achieve gas self-sufficiency for the UAE. 

With our highly-experienced homegrown leadership, decades of operational excellence, strategic partnership with an international industry player and our position as the only national fully Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) company in the Middle East, we are geared for a future of great possibilities, nationally and regionally.