What We Represent

ADNOC has been entrusted with managing, developing and preserving Abu Dhabi's hydrocarbon reserves. This role comes with many responsibilities - to our shareholders, neighbours, customers, communities and our environment.

The values of our company, and our country, are inspired by our founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. They are the bedrock of our entire philosophy, and inspire and inform the way that we conduct ourselves every day. 

Our values are the core principles that guide our decision making, and ensure consistency in our employees’ actions and behaviours. They represent our organization’s collective commitment to set, achieve and exceed ambitious targets.


We harness the UAE’s spirit of innovation to ensure that our business remains at the forefront of the global energy industry. 


We work in close collaboration with our partners and peers, leveraging our collective strengths to deliver mutually beneficial results.


We encourage a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect, and always operate to the very highest professional and ethical standards.


We are committed to proactively identifying ways that we can make a difference to our community, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to health, safety and the environment.


We are a performance driven company, dedicated to maximizing the value of energy resources for the benefit of our people, our community, our partners and our nation.