What We Represent

ADNOC has been entrusted with managing, developing and preserving Abu Dhabi's hydrocarbon reserves. This role comes with many responsibilities - to our shareholders, neighbours, customers, communities and our environment.

Our values are the core principles that guide our decision making, and ensure consistency in our employees’ actions and behaviours. They represent our organization’s collective commitment to set, achieve and exceed ambitious targets.


We are a resilient and dynamic company – thinking strategically and moving swiftly to evolve with the changing market.


From our business model to our operational processes, we constantly look to discover and pioneer new ways to address current and future challenges.


We leverage our expertise, knowledge and insights to optimize performance and use of resources.

Value Driven

Every decision we make as a company is through the lens of maximizing commercial  value and profitability.


We work in synergy with our group of companies and international partners to ensure our competitive advantage as a leading energy supplier. 


Through an integrated, holistic and HSE-focused operating model, our people, products and services are always dependable.