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  Significant Dates
Year :
2012June Commissioning of the 42 inch New Main Oil Line Between Upper Zakum Central Supper Complex and Zirku Island.

New 48" Habshan — Fujairah pipeline & Fujairah Terminal commissioned with 1st  shipment (400,000-500,000 bbls Murban crude) exported. ADCO have been appointed by ADNOC to operate the Fujairah Oil Terminal.
2012May Borouge files its first patent of polypropylene solution for protecting the intellectual property right (IPR) of Borouge as a whole, and for Borouge manufacturing and marketing activities in China in particular.
2012March Borouge’s polyethylene unit (PE3) exceeds expectations and breaks world hourly production record.
2011December Commissioning of 6 Largest LPC Refrigerated tanks in the world at Ruwais of Capacity of 110,000 M.3 eac.

Launch of ADMA-OPCP’s Corporate Excellence Management System.

Commissioning of the New Granulated Sulphur Dome storage at Ruwais and double storge capacity from 140,000 to 290,000 MT.
2011September Borouge signs the Responsible Care® Global Charter with the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) in Beijing, China.
2011May 4,500 Ships loaded safely at GASCO Ruwais LPC terminal in May,2011.

Borouge supplies the first tonnes of polyolefins to Europe.
2011April IRSHAAD Received new pilot boat “ Jed” built in Dubai.
Inauguration of ADGAS/ADMA OPCO new training center in Das Island.

Takreer awarded Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for Carbon Black & Delayed Coker Project in Ruwais.


TUV Inspection, certification & provision of full equipment to Khalifa City-A Mother St a tion for supply of natural gas to the daughter stations.


Borouge strengthens its presence in China with the establishment of a Marketing and Sales Company in Beijing, China .

Inauguration of vehicle conversion center workshops at Al Manaseer and Al Dhafra.

2010June Borouge opens logistics hubs in Shanghai and Guangzhou in Chaina.
2010May ESNAAD Commissions Brine Plant.

Logistics hubs in Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou are established to serve Borouge's customers across Asia.

Glenelg School-Abu Dhabi celebrates its first Graduation.


Borouge starts-up its 50,000 tonnes per year compounding plant in Shanghai, establis h ing Borouge’s first plant outside the UAE.


Borouge becomes the official marketing partner of the UAE Football Association

ADNOC and Occidental Al Hosn, LLC signed Fiels Entry Agreement for Shah GAS pr o ject.

Takreer inaugurated the Central Environment Protection Facility (BeAAT) at Ruwais Industrial Complex to cater for the waste produced by all ADNOC operating companies.


Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Ltd. was officially established by an Emiri decree for the development of sour gas rese r voirs at the Shah Field.


Delivery of ESNAAD 810 Fast supply intervention Vessel.

IRSHAAD Received New ASD Tug “Khasifa” from UZMAR- Turkey.


IRSHAD handles the first LPG tanker “Yuyo Beerge” at the new GASCO jetty No 2.
IRSHAD safely and efficiently handing 2038 tankers and gas carriers during the year without incidents.


• ADCO started the CO2 gas injection for the first time in the Middle East, with the aim to enhance the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and reducing the gas emission. The project is implemented by ADNOC and Masdar.

• ADCO completed the Onshore Gas Development Project (Habshan-III) with production capacity of 1,200 MM SCF/D of gas and 120 MB/D Condensate.


• ADNATCO receives the vessel Umm Al Lulu-I

• Commissioning of Central Environment & Protection Facility (BeAAT) to cater for the waste produced by all ANOC Operating companies.


• TAKREER awards the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for Phase II of Inter Refineries Pipelines Project in order to accommodate the significant increase in products demand due to the ongoing growth of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


• ADCO has awarded the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract of Asab, Sahil and Shah Fields development.

• ADCO awarded the procurement of Gas Compressors and the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for Bab Gas Compression Thamama C, D and Units 6&7.


ESNAAD added 2 new vessels; TARPON 1 & 4, to their fleet, total vessels are 40.


• Borouge signed a 10 years service contract with CWT Logistics Pte. Ltd, Singapore to establish the Borouge South East Asia (SEA) Logistics Hub and to provide local logistics services for Borouge customers in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific with effect from its operational start up date in 2010.

• Merger of support services functions between NGSCO and ADNATCO.

• TAKREER awards the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for Group III Base Oil Production Facilities in Ruwais Refinery with a capacity of 500,000 Tons Per Annum (TPA) of Group III Base Oil.


• Borouge ground breaking event for the compounding facility in China for the manufacture of high performance Polypropylene compounds for applications in the automotive and electrical appliances with an annual capacity of up to 50,000 tones with further expansion possibility. Also Borouge ground breaking event for the Shanghai logistics hub in Shanghai, China, that will receive over 600,000 tones of polyolefin (polypropylene and polyethylene) annually.


• Borouge and Linde Group with CCC signed a contract worth approximately US$1.3 billion for the construction of a new Ethylene Cracker, which is considered the largest grass roots gas cracker in the world with a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per annum.


• Borouge and Borealis made history by being the first in the Gulf region to sign the Responsible Care Global Charter, which is the chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative under which companies, through their national associations, work together to continuously improve their HSE performance, and to communicate with stakeholders about their products and processes.

• Borouge Official recognition of the ISO14001 Certification.


• The delivery of the 1,000 LNG Cargo by NGSCO to TEPCO Terminals in Tokyo.


• Introduction of Unleaded Gasoline (Octane 91)


• First cargo of Low Sulphur Gas Oil (500PPM) of 80,000 Metric Tons was exported to Brazil from Ex-Ruwais Terminal.

• North East Bab Development – Phase 1: Development of Oil production, Gas Injection and related infrastructure.

• Khuff Gas Reservoir Development: Successfully completed construction and commissioning of Khuff Gas Development (OKGD)

Project at Abu Al-Bukhoosh & Umm Sheif fields

• Bunduq Gas Injection: Bunduq company successfully completed construction and commissioning of Gas Injection Project at Bunduq Field.

2006April First cargo of Low Sulphur Gas Oil (500 PPM) of 80,000 Metric Tons was exported to Brazil Ex-Ruwais Terminal.
2005October NDC received the latest offshore rig – Al Hail.
2005May GASCO and Snamprogetti signed the engineering, Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) Agreement of Ruwais 3rd NGL Train Project.
2005April Takreer has awarded the EPC Contract for Inter Refineries pipelines (IRP) project to M/s Dodsal PTE Ltd.
2005March Takreer has awarded to National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) the EPC Contract for the OGD III Condensate Storage Tanks project (package # 5) for Ruwais Refinery.
2005February Takreer and Japan Cooperation Centre Petroleum (JCCP) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the Flare Gas Recovery Unit at its Ruwais Refinery.
2005January The Ship management transfer process of the 4 Mubaraz class LNG vessels from Golar Management to NGSCO was concluded when the last vessel Al Hamra was redelivered to NGSCO off UAE in January 2005.
2004May Commissioned ZAKUM Crestal Gas Injection project. Issued the first 5 (of 41) final ADNOC HSE Code of Practice Documents for implementation by all Group Companies.
2004April Commissioned first LNG filling station in the region.Two Ro-Ro vessels (Al Dhafra and Al Ruwais) joined the fleet of ADNATCO.
2004March The management of the Asab Gas Development plant is handed over from ADCO to GASCO. ADCO completed its Bab field 3D survey, which is the highest fold of coverage survey ever acquired in the Middle East over a large producing field.
2003December First UAE national appointed as Master of an oil tanker vessel in ADNATCO. Borouge signed a contract with M/s technimont, Italy, to reach 580KTA.
2003August Commissioning of the new 18" Main Condensate pipeline from USSC to Das Island.
2003March Commissioning of the first Zero Gas Flaring (pilot) project at Bab-ADCO.
2003January Commissioning the 10 "Main Oil pipeline from TOTAL-ABK to Das Island.TAKREER signs agreement with Dugas for supply of MTBE.
2002October Official Inaguaration of the BOROUGE Pertrochemical Complex.
2002July ADPPOC's name changed to IRSHAD.
2002June Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER) signed on Sunday 30 June 2002 the unleaded Gasoline (ULG) and low Sulphur Gas Oil (LSGO) Project main package agreement in Ruwais with Technip Italy S.P.A.. TAKREER also signed the tankage package agreement with CBI Eastern Anstalt. Formation of ESNAAD (Merger of ADDCAP and NMS).
2002January ADNOC , ADMA-OPCO & ZADCO completed the largest ocean bottom 3D seismic survey (1,800 km) ever acquired in the world over a producing field over the ZAKUM field. First shipments of Liquid Ethylene and Polythylene from Borouge Plant.
2001December Commission of BOROUGE Polyethylene Plant.
2001November Commissioning of BOROUGE Ethane Cracker. GASCO commissions Ruwais Upgrading Project.
2001July Takreer begins exporting power to the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity (ADWEA) Grid.
2001June Commissioning of 48 inch Maqta'a Jebel Ali Gas Pipeline.
2001April The merger of GASCO with ATHEER, making GASCO one of the largest gas processors in the world.
2001February Commissioning of Phase II Of the Onshore Gas Development Project (OGD-II).
2001January The Asab Gas Development project is commissioned and handed over to ADCO.
2000September Onshore Gas Development Phase -II(OGD-II).
2000August Zakum-Das new 30 inch Main Oil Line.
2000July Commissioning of Condensate Units in Ruwais Refinery.
2000May Umm Al Anbar Sour Injection Facilities.
2000April Asab Gas Development (AGD). Takreer and Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) sign a Memorandam of Understanding (MOU) to interconnect their electrical grids and exchange power in the future.
1999October Abu Dhabi Gas Company (Atheer) and Abu Dhabi Oil refinery Company (Takreer) are formally established.
1999June Abu Dhabi Gas Company (Atheer) and Abu Dhabi Oil refinery Company (Takreer) are formally established. Borouge awards contract to build one of the world's most sophisticated polyethylene plant in Ruwais.
1999May Establishment of The Group Nationals Recruitment Committee. ADNOC sets up environmental lab.
1999March Construction starts at Petrochemical Project site in Ruwais.
1999January ADNOC wins 1998 Gas Processing Association Safety Award.
1998November EPC contract award for ethylene Utilities and Offsite Units of AbuDhabi Polymers Company Ltd.(Borouge)Petrochemicals Project. Completion of the New Villas at Khalidiya.
1998October ADNOC implements new organizational structure to meet its future ambitious plans.
1998September Completion of LPG Blending and Loading Facilities at Ruwais. Two new land rigs joined NDC onshore rig fleet.
1998August Completion of Ruwais Housing Complex Guest House.
1998July Completion of ZADCO/GASCO New Head Quarters.
1998June Completion of Front End Engineering and Design for Ruwais Sulphur Expansion-Phase II. Completion of Front End Engineering and Design for Offshore Khuff Gas Development.
1998May Establishment Of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited (Borogue). Establishment of Borouge Pvt Limited (Singapore),a Join venture Marketing Company.
1998April Commencement of initial project activities for Chlor-Alkali/Ethylene Di-Chloride Plant Ruwais. EPC Contract Award for Onshore Gas Development Phase II. Gas Sales Agreement Signed with Dubai Supply Authority.
1998March EPC Contract Award for Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project (EUM Plan)-General Utilities Plant Upgrade(GUP-Package)
1998January Commencement of design work for Ruwais Housing Complex Expansion
1997November Completion of GASCO New LPG Tankage at Ruwais. Completion of Upgrading of Civil Works UAN residential Complex. Completion of ADNOC-FOD LPG /Multi Products Pipeline System.
1997October Completion of NDC-HQ Building.
1997June SPC approved the increase of ADNOC's ownership entitlement in ADGAS shares from 51% to 70%.
1997May Delivery of the fourth LNG Ship "Umm Al-Ashtan". Completion of Maqta Gas Station Upgrading.
1997April Completion of Adma OPCO-ADGAS HQ Building.
1997January Delivery of the Third LNG Ship "Al-Hamra".
1996November Commissioning of Onshore Gas Development Project.
1996August Completion of 20 inch Gas pipeline from Ruwais to Jabel Dhana and 4 inch Gas Pipeline from Mirfa Gas Receiving Station to old Mirfa Desalination Plant.
1996July Habshan residential Complex inagurated.
1996June Commissioning of Ruwais Project: General Utilities Plant, Sulphur Handling Facility, Bab Maqta-Taweela Pipeline and Ruwais expanded berth and new Projects Office building.
1996May Commissioning of Zirku-Das Gas Pipeline.
1996April Delivery of LNG Ship Mraweh.
1996March Commissioning of Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal Expansion.
1995November Delivery of LNG Ship Mubaraz.
1995October ADDCAP becomes 100% owned by ADNOC.
1995July Habshan Residential Complex inagurated.
1995June Commissioning of 42 inch Bab-Maqta Gas Pipeline.
1995May Commissioning of 24 inch Mirfa Gas Pipeline
1995Februray Commissioning of PACS(Process Automation and Computerized System) for Umm Al Nar Refinery and Chlorine Industries and Processing Offices.
1994October Commissioning of Umm Shaif Gas Development.
1994September Restructuring of ZADCO with ADNOC 51% shareholding and JODCO 49%
1994July Commissioning of ADGAS 3rd LNG Train at Das Island.
1994June First LNG Ship "Al-Khazanah" delivered to NGSCO followed by "Shahama" in1994 and "Ghasha" and "Ish" in 1995.
1994April Commissioning and beginning of production from Al Dabbi'ya field, followed by Rumaitha and Shanayel fields.
1994January ZADCO operates Arzanah field on behalf of ADNOC subsequent to AMERADA HESS relinquishment of its concession.
1993November Establishment of National Gas Shipping Company Limited (NGSCO).
1993October Commissioning and beginning of production from Jarn Yaphour Field.
1993May Commissioning and launch of operations of the Madinet Zayed Gas Pipeline Project.
1993February Commissioning of Umm Al Nar Refining Expansion II (85,000 barrel-a-day).
1992September Commissioning of ABK Khuff Gas Development.
1992May Sulphur Handling Plant in Ruwais started operations.
1992April Al Maqta-Al Ain Gas Pipeline inaugurated.
1991February ADNOC's first onshore oil discovery in Haliba structure, followed by the discovery of Bu Qalla and Riqeah structures in 1993.
1990January Amalgamation of salt and chlorine plant under Umm Al Nar Refining to establish the Umm Al Nar Refining and Chlorine Industries.
1988June Abu Dhabi Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) was established as the ultimate authority on all matters relating to oil and gas in the Emirate.
1988April Drilling of first horizontal well in Abu Dhabi. Over 430 horizontal wells have been drilled till mid 1998. Amalgamation of Umm Al-Dalkh and Satah fields under ZADCO operations.
1985August Hydrocracker complex at Ruwais Refining was commissioned.
1984April Bab Thamama "C" Gas Development Project was commissioned.
1984February First Shipment of Urea from FERTIL.
1984January First Shipment of Ammonia from FERTIL.
1983November ADNOC started its first Khuff gas well. The Khuff exploration programme resulted in the discovery of gas and condensate in several fields.
1983October ADNOC's first offshore oil discovery in Bu Dana structure, followed by the discovery of IB and IC the following year.
1983August Umm Al Nar Refining expansion to 60,000 barrel-a-day commissioned.
1982March Ruwais Industrial Project and Ruwais Housing Complex inaugurated.
1981September Official start-up of GASCO NGL fractionation plant at Ruwais.
1981July Commissioning of Chlorine Industries at Umm Al Nar.
1981June The 120,000 barrel-a-day refinery was commissioned at Ruwais.
1980October Incorporation of Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL).
1979January Incorporation of Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating Company (ADPPOC).
1978December Incorporation of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO) in Abu Dhabi.
1978October Incorporation of Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) as a National Company to succeed ADPC. Incorporation of National Marine Services Company (NMS).
1977November Incorporation of Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) for the development of Upper Zakum reservoirs.
1977July Incorporation of Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) as a National Company to succeed ADMA Limited.
1977April The first LNG shipment from Das Island to Tokyo Electric Power Company.
1977March Incorporation of Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Ltd (ADGAS) in Abu Dhabi followed by Plant inauguration on Das Island in October of the same year.
1976April Abu Dhabi's first refinery was commissioned at Umm Al Nar. Start of building its own ADNOC DISTRIBUTION Service Stations.
1975October Incorporation of Abu Dhabi Drilling Chemicals and Products Ltd (ADDCAP).
1975April Incorporation of Abu Dhabi National Tankers Company (ADNATCO).
1974January ADNOC increased its share in ADMA and ADPC to 60 percent.
1973July Incorporation of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution.
1973April Incorporation of National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC).
1972May Incorporation of National Drilling Company (NDC).
1971November Incorporation of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

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