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ADNOC to develop its gas reserves to meet local demand
Published On: 29/05/2007

“ADNOC plans to develop its gas reserves to meet the  increasing local demand for energy which had soared  recently due to the rise in the population and the economic  and construction boom,” according to Dr. Saif Sultan Al-  Nasseri, Planning Division Manager , E&P Directorate  (ADNOC 

Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Economic  Forum held in Abu Dhabi in March, Dr. Al-  Nasseri highlighted the new oil and gas projects  in the emirate of Abu Dhabi .  Representing ADNOC and its Group of  Companies at the Forum, he reviewed expansion  plans of crude oil capacity, gas production  increase plans, especially sour gas and refining  capacity increase plans. 

The event, held under the H.H General  Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan,  Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy  Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,  was organized by Abu Dhabi Chamber of  Commerce and Industry, Department of  Planning and the Al Iktissad Wal-Amal Group.  It was attended by more than 1000 high-ranking  dignitaries including Sheikhs, Ministers,  leading executives and businessmen from the  UAE and 25 Arab and foreign countries.  Dr. Al-Nasseri indicated the possible roles of  foreign companies in the expansion plans and  the opportunities available for the private sector. 

A presentation on TAKREER by Mr.  Ahmed Omer Abdulla, Assistant General  Manager, Operations, highlighted the expansion  plans in the company and the challenges  that face the industry sector. He underlined  that the company would complete a pipeline  project – the largest so far to transfer refined  products from Ruwais refinery to Abu Dhabi  refinery and a storage area in Musaffah by the  end of this current year. He also pointed out  that the company started implementing this  pipeline two years ago and achieved great  results. He explained that the company was  executing a distinctive project in industrial  waste recycling as per international specifications  and regulations. 

On Takreer’s objectives and its plans to open  new fields, Mr. Abdulla highlighted the success  achieved by the company in its nationalization  drive, noting that the company operated two  large refineries in Ruwais and Sas Al Nakhl. He  also indicated the challenges facing the refining  sector in the Emirate  Answering questions on ADNOC’s view on  the private sector participation during the 3rd  session, Dr. Saif Al-Nasseri said that there were  many projects in the Emirate that needed the  participation of the private sector.  “The government is currently expanding the  infrastructure projects,” he commented, also  referring to the new projects that had been  announced during GASTECH 2006 and giving  a brief description on the sour gas project.  “The participation of both foreign and private  sectors in our projects is very important to  us,” he added. 

Dr. Al-Nasseri confirmed that ADNOC was  confident in achieving the set objectives  regarding the expansion plans due to the competitive,  fair policies and the dedication of its  man power and international partners.  “ADNOC plans to develop its gas reserves to  meet the increasing local demand for energy  which has soared recently due to the rise in the  population and the economic and construction  boom,” he said, highlighting that ADNOC was  currently studying proposals by international  companies to develop sour gas.  Answering a question on the available  opportunities for foreign companies, Dr. Al-  Nasseri said that ADNOC had good cooperation  with foreign partners over the last 35  years, underlining also the company’s keen  desire to maintain this tradition and develop  more business with its partners. 

He added that available opportunities for  the private sector to invest in ADNOC’s  expansion projects depended on the private  sector’s services its capacity to implement projects  in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.  “Opportunities resulting from technological  development will be available for services contractors  and suppliers to implement the projects  of ADNOC and its Group of  Companies.development,” he concluded. 

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